Local Incentives

Chesapeake offers various performance-based incentives for new and expanding companies.

  • EDIP

    With 351 square miles of land area, there are many real estate opportunities available to meet the needs of any business, retailer or corporation.

  • South Norfolk Hub Zone

    The program encourages economic development in historically underutilized business zones, called “HUBZones.”

  • Foreign Trade Zone

    The area has achieved great success in recruiting and retaining new and existing companies that have an impact and strong community presence.

  • South Norfolk Technology Zone

    The technology zone acts as an overlay district offering incentives to a new or existing business located within the designated area.

State Incentives

Virginia eagerly works with businesses with incentives designed to target the needs of both the company and the development plans of localities and the state.

  • Investment Incentives

    Virginia offers investment-based incentives for new and expanding companies in Chesapeake.

  • Workforce Incentives

    Virginia values a strong labor force in Chesapeake by providing various workforce-based incentives.

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